About Me

My name Is Ashley Young and I am a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist. I graduated from John Casablaca Institute in 2010 (makeup) and 2011(hair). Nominated For Best Makeup/Special Effects For Standard Action at the 2014 IAWTV Awards



The highlights: I’m a Cosplaying fanatic!
I love to dress up and do extreme makeup,
especially at cons. I am a classically trained singer, an experienced seamstress
and overall fun and crazy person.




I love do everything from couture photoshoots to blood and guts to special effects prosthetics.  I have worked on a number of independent projects in the Vancouver area such as the webseries Standard Action, 13 Witches, Starlit Citadel, as well as the feature length films, Embedded, and The Cover Up. I’m a senior stylist at Mink Makeup and Hair doing weddings and special events, I also do headshots.


Not only do I do hair and makeup, but when working on set I also have a tendency to get thrown into other roles.

Sometimes I get thrown into body bags.

                                                    Slate is fun.










I’ve even been known to hold a boom or two.